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Student #1 Leo Tsukioka by Flame11366 Student #1 Leo Tsukioka :iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 1 So I tried to draw something  by Flame11366 So I tried to draw something :iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 0
Dangan Ronpa x Pokemon
Hey, everyone, it's Skye here and I am making a story that crosses Dangan Ronpa and Pokemon in the same universe. So as soon as I post this journal in and put it public I will be accepting requests to join this story. There are only 15 spots remaining so if you want to join leave a comment and send me a not containing the character's name, the picture of the character, a title like SHSL ____, and last but not least to tell me that you commented. The reason I said to comment on this post is to verify that you did comment that you would like to join. Just taking a precaution. Anyways with what you gave me I will make something that looks like this.
So with that said there will be rules in this but there will be a forum being made for this so that you can check the rules before we begin but here is a basic rule. No Godmodding will result in removal from the story. With that said thx for reading and don't forget to share!
:iconflame11366:Flame11366 1 0
Dangan Ronpa x Splatoon by Flame11366 Dangan Ronpa x Splatoon :iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 0
Chapter 6: The Water Nagasaki Charade
                                                                     Previously on The 16 That Fell To Despair....
The group ran around the school in search of Luke Mavis and Angel. In the end Angel and Mavis was found and were sent to the Nurse while accompanied by Hikara. While Hikara fell asleep Angel and Mavis disappeared again. Later they discovered Angel looking at 2 dead corpses that were Luka and Mavis.
:iconflame11366:Flame11366 1 0
Pokemon by Flame11366 Pokemon :iconflame11366:Flame11366 1 0
Chapter 5: The Cry of The Troubled Angel
                                                                     Previously on The 16 That Fell To Despair....
The second class trial went down and in the end Laura got flatten like a pancake on a hot sunday morning. The rest of the students were given the rest of the day off and with greater knowledge Hikara planned on hanging out with Silas the next day.
:iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 0
Chapter 4: The Remorse of The Holy Kindred
                                                                                 Previously on the 16 that fell to despair....
Ian was missing so the remaining students decided to spread out and look for Ian. When they found Ian he was floating in the pool however he was not moving. His skin was as burnt as burnt toast. He's dead and the investigation has begun and time is ticking away to the 2nd Class Trial. The trial to debate for their lives.
:iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 0
Chapter 3: The Full Scale Mental Breakdown
                                                                      Previously on The 16 That Fell To Despair....
The first class trial occurred as the remaining students had debated for their lives. They managed to find the killer and in the end Joey got executed.
:iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 0
Chapter 2: The Key To The Class Trial
===================================================================================                                                                          Previously on The 16 That Fell To Despair....
Lokao was murdered in her own room with the code 10-15-5-25 written on the wall that's not the only thing we found. We found bit marks on her left arm. Who would leave bite marks on a person? Time is ticking away till the first class trial begins. Hopefully the killer will be brought to light. Until then.....we might as well investigate....May the investigation begin....
:iconflame11366:Flame11366 1 0
Chapter 1: The Start to a Bigger Despair
Before we start the story I will introduce the characters quickly so that who ever is reading this won't be confused.
Lokao (Technician)
Joey (Cannibal)
Ian (Psychic)
Lois (Royalty)
Lucy (Archer)
Mavis (Reject)
Hikara (Decoder)
Verrad (Robotics Engineer)
Luke (Priest)
Jay (Gentleman)
Pixelavatar102 by Flame11366Silas (Online Dater)
Pixelavatar97 by Flame11366Angel (Water Bearer)
Pixelavatar96 by Flame11366Christine (Actress)
Pixelavatar109 by Flame11366Laura (Mathematician)
Pixelavatar110 by Flame11366Daisy (Inn Keeper)
Pixelavatar108 by Flame11366Bakuru (Executioner)
:iconflame11366:Flame11366 1 2
Dangan Ronpa 16 oc's FINISHED by Flame11366 Dangan Ronpa 16 oc's FINISHED :iconflame11366:Flame11366 2 0 Pixel Star by Flame11366 Pixel Star :iconflame11366:Flame11366 1 0 Spr DP Cynthia by Flame11366 Spr DP Cynthia :iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 0 DuDQjf6 by Flame11366 DuDQjf6 :iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 1 Pattern #1 by Flame11366 Pattern #1 :iconflame11366:Flame11366 0 0


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Student #1 Leo Tsukioka
Name: Tsukioka Leo or Leo Tsukioka
Talent: Ultimate Prince or SHSL Prince
Age: 17
Blood Type: AB
Like: Tea and Nice People
Dislike: Ungrateful people and Salmon
Weight: 67 kg
Chest Measurement: 84cm 
Birthday: June 21st (Taurus)
So I tried to draw something
This is a random drawing I decided to make it kinda looks bad but A for effort \(◎o◎)/

Chapter 1: The Hands From Within The Abyss

The void….The same void that forced me into the depths of the underworld….Is this really the end of me?...I only want to purify the world but instead….I corrupted the people I hold close….I'm broken….Can't be fixed….No going back from the pain I felt….This is my life….My afterlife….The life I was supposed to live….alone….The tears I cried….I can never recover from the grasp of my own insanity….Will you show the light to clear the pain?...The pain that caused me to go insane….

It was midnight in Eastedge hill where Skye finally rests on her bed in peace now that the shadow is out of the way. "Ahh this is the life. Now with that shadow gone I can finally just sit back and watch the clouds." Skye says while she lays down and looks out the window upon examining herself and her past. "A lot of things had happened throughout the course of my life. Should I be thankful?" She asks getting off from the bed. "Well I should be thankful for being alive right now." She mumbles slowly descending down the stairs and to the front door. "A lot has happened to me and I never thought I would end up being in danger." She said as she began to shiver. "I never thought I would recover from my death." She shudders from under her breath looking at the window before walking out of the house to greet one of her friends. "Hey there Skye." The figure said smiling brightly as the figure looks up at the midnight sky. "Hey there Hydro." Skye said hugging Hydro as the breeze begins to pick up. "So what brings you to my home?" Skye asks nodding in confusion. "I was about to head down to the market in the next town over." She explained to Hydro closing the door and locking it. "Well I wanted to check on you because it was a lot for you to go through being under control and killed by your own friends." He said in a worried tone as he looks at Skye in the eyes. "So mind if I come with you?" He asked Skye in a brave tone as he gave off a brave aura from his soul. "Sure you can come along if you want." She said beginning to walk to the station. "So how you been this past few days?" Hydro asked looking at Skye. "Well it was painful a bit because I was alone for the duration of those days." Skye said sighing as she looks down at the ground not looking at where she was going.

Skye and Hydro arrived to the train station. The station on the inside was covered in gold as it looked really brand new as Skye looks around trying to find the ticket booth. "Hey Hydro where is the ticket booth?" Skye asks nervously looking at the big pokemon that walked by her. "This station really is crowded." She mumbles as she began to walk off towards the center of the station as she sits down looking at the golden floor seeing her reflection. "It's right over..." Hydro says pausing before noticing she was gone. "Skye? Skye where are you?" He asks looking around beginning to get worried as he begins to run all over the station in search for the Sylveon. "I wonder where Hydro is. The Vaporeon is gonna make me worry sick one of these days." She mumbles under her mouth as she looks up at the ceiling as she begins to have a flashback. It was a rainy day and water pokemon were playing outside in a middle of a storm and Skye woke up to hear the sound of thunder and hides under the bed. "Will this rain ever let up?" Skye says in a worried tone. She then gets back up and goes to the bathroom to go take a shower. After taking a bath Skye goes back to her room just to be greeted by a zoroark who's name is Eclipse. He then said hello to her in a kind manner. "Hi so this is your room and I correct?" Eclipse said in a questioning tone. "Yes it is my room." Skye said back in a kind tone. Eclipse then gives the letter from the people who looks after the foster home to Skye and it says. "Dear Skye, your new roommate is a zoroark who is the same age as you and a male,hope you two get along, Sincerely Madam Lopunny. "Welcome to hell." Skye says in a awkward tone before sighing. Eclipse begins to set up his stuff and begins to look at her."So how long have you been here?" Eclipse asks looking out the window. "Ever since I was born." Skye replies in a sad tone. Eclipse began to get closer to her and decides to hug her "Don't worry I can help make you feel better." The flashback ends as Skye gasps and began to sob a bit.

"I need to find Hydro." Skye says getting up and wiping her tears before running off."Where is she? She was just next to me a minute ago, damn this cursed traffic, she couldn't have gone too far" Hydro thought, every passing second was like an eternity as he frantically searched for her. "I can't leave her by herself, not after all she's been through"."I hope I can find Hydro before the train arrives." Skye says in a worried tone sniffling as she runs all over the station looking for Hydro. "I don't want to be alone again. Not after what I went through." She said beginning to run fast not looking at where she was going."SKYE" he called out, hoping his voice would reach her. it then became apparent to him that train was coming, he would have to find her before it came. He started running, but then realised he was going into a collision course with sylveon runs into the center and bumps into the Vaporeon at high speed. "GAH!" She screamed as she lands on her backside laying on the floor a bit sleepy."OW, thats gonna hurt..ughh" Hydro held his head before he saw who he had bumped into. "Skye!" Hydro was relieved to see her, but at the same time worried for she looked like she was going to pass out."Ow That really hurt." She said trying to get up but she was too dizzy to move or go rushed to her side and helped her up. "You ok there Skye?"."I'm so dizzy right now that I can hardly move." Skye said as her eyes began to spin before she got back on her knees."Take it easy there Skye, here, lean on me for support" Hydro said before helping her up again."I really appreciate it Hydro." She said before falling asleep on Hydro out cold. "Skye? Skye?" Hydro asked. 'Hmm, looks like our meetup took it out on her, the train is almost coming as well. I need to set her down somewhere so she can rest' he train momentarily arrives beginning to blow it's whistle as pokemon got on and off the train. "ALL ABOARD!" The conductor screamed signalizing that the train will depart heard the calling, then looked back at Skye.'Looks like i'll have to carry her to the train and set her down on a seat' Hydro thought, he carefully navigated through the crowd of pokemon and got on the train. 'This'll do' he thought as he set her on a seat with the one next to her taken by whistle blew once more before it began to depart as the station begun to fall out of view of the train as the train began to increase it speed.'Looks like we just made it in time, oh Skye please be ok..' he said, looking at bell rang as it shows that the first destination was Fallgain. "NOW ARRIVING FALLGAIN." The conductor yelled as he looked around the car.

End of Chapter 1

Me: Well with Chapter 1 out of the way I wonder what's gonna happen next? Sonic Emoticon #5 

Skye: How about we meet an old friend? :bademoticon: 

*A Blaziken jumps in through the window*

Insert name here:DID SOMEBODY CALL FOR A BLAZIKEN?!sans - fuk dis shit im out :D 

Hydro: Oh it's Jason

Me: JASON-SAMA~ (≧◡≦) .:*Emoticon*:. Fangirling Marinette 

Jason: I GOT A REQUEST FOR YOU!Nick - Icon 

Me: Go ahead I'm all ears.

Jason: ADD ME ON CHAPTER 2!GBA Pikachu Icon 

Me: Why?

Jason: BECAUSE I GOTS SWEG Pepe The Shans Icon

Me: Nice use of grammar -_-"Angry Papyrus 

*After some time thinking*

Me: Meh fuck it let's do this. Yato 

Thanks for reading Chapter 1 if you like it then favorite this and leave a message saying "SKYE WE WANT CHAPTER 2" and I might think about doing it. Thanks for reading and and see you next time. Sexy flower 


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